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Lisa created a cover for my eguide that makes it look far more professional, which will surely result in more sales. She did the hard work of coming up with a creative concept, then incorporated my requests for tweaks until the cover looked exactly how I wanted. She’s easy to work with, professional and quick! I’d recommend her in a heartbeat.

Lisa is now not only my favorite designer but one of my favorite people to work with. She rocks at clear communication just as much as she rocks appealing, high-quality design. I love her complete lack of snobbery and commitment to getting the product just right. Let Lisa take your business to a new level of professionalism – you won’t regret it.

Amy Martin

Amy R. Martin

Lisa created a cover for my eguide that makes it look far more professional, which will surely result in more sales. She did the hard work of coming up with a creative concept, then incorporated my requests for tweaks until the cover looked exactly how I wanted. She’s easy to work with, professional and quick! I’d recommend her in a heartbeat.

Alexis Grant, Innovator-in-Chief of Socialexis

“I thought I would get a lovely, visually pleasing, enhanced ebook. I got much more than that. :)
My favourite things about my freshly-designed ebook is how… fresh! it looks, and how it flows. You’ve also managed to make it a good reflection of me and how I work even though you hardly know me! (I am impressed :) ) and I think it is definitely inviting people to use it now.
It’s been great working with you – you’re quick, efficient, intuitive, and very talented.
And the results are way beyond my initial expectations!”


Lisa has an intuitive ability to tune into precisely what your needs (and wants) are and create stunning visual materials which reflect the personality, overall message and uniqueness of whatever project she’s working on. In addition to two ebook projects I’ve had the pleasure to work with her on, I hired Lisa to help me with a new branding/logo design and it was perhaps the single best business decision I’ve made. She nailed it immediately and I knew I was in good hands. What a relief! Knowing Lisa was “on the case” really freed me up to focus on all those other things that go along with a new launch. The end result? Nothing less than stunning…I could NOT be more thrilled!

Jenny Bones

Up Your Impact Factor

Lisa had a really clear understanding of the brief I gave her and came up with some great designs. Her detailled step by step design process guided me to make a confident decision for the design that suited Ripple and Wave best. The final result, and the corporate identity guidelines sheets are amazing!
I really loved working with Lisa — she delivers quality work in a short time span and, above all, she is always positive and energetic. I am sure we will work together again on all the cool ideas we came up with during this project.

Delianne Meenhorst

Ripple & Wave

I needed business cards FAST for a conference and I tried to make them myself. The result was exactly what you’d think: decent, but clearly amateur.

When Lisa got involved she gave me multiple design choices, all of them totally stunning. They weren’t just professional-looking – crisp, with lots of space and a great use of colour, much much better than I could ever hope to make for myself. More importantly, they fit perfectly with the impression I wanted to make.
If you want a design that looks beautiful, and powerfully illustrates your personality and value, then you need Lisa. She’s fantastic.

Catherine Caine

Be Awesome Online
Cash and Joy

Lisa’s passion and enthusiasm for her work is infectious. I recently hired her to compete a graphic logo for me; not only did she deliver the work ahead of schedule, she made expert suggestions related to its use that added tremendous value to my project. Lisa is extremely easy to work with, and has excellent communication skills- even when explaining highly technical subject matter. I recommend her highly!

Jocelyn Ruggiero


When I needed business cards fast for an upcoming trip to BlogWorld, I asked Lisa to for a very simple design – just text, nothing fancy. She took my request and gave me three gorgeous options to choose from that were far better than what I had envisioned, and quickly made the changes I asked for, combining what I feel are the best of all three designs. I loved my business cards so much, I was handing them out to complete strangers who had nothing to do with the convention. Wanna see?

LaVonne Ellis

The Complete Flake

Lisa and I met when she responded to one of my LinkedIn Sunday Questions. We got to talking and it was quickly apparent to me she is passionate about her work and oh-so-capable. I was in need of some specific marketing pieces so we began discussing some options. A couple days later we were in touch again and she had pursued so much of my online information (website, blog posts, YT videos, LI profile) gathering enough insight to have a very good understanding of my work and the audience it is meant for. Lisa’s ability to zero in quickly got my attention. I have ideas that need refining. She started with my ideas and came up with her own and merged them into some pieces I’m very pleased with. Sometimes it feels like pulling teeth to get to the end result with a marketing piece. With Lisa it felt like I was spreading room temperature butter on bread. It was easy. Without hesitation, I recommend Lisa Vauyskaya if you are need of marketing talent.

Mary Lascelles

Initially, I was consulting Lisa to give me feedback on ideas that another designer gave me regarding the design of my logo. After a couple of iterations of great feedback and some innovative ideas from Lisa I decided to hire her to do the logo instead. Just from the few emails that we traded Lisa knew exactly what I was looking for and delivered what I wanted in her first proposal. Lisa was very good at understanding my business and what I wanted my logo to say about my business. Lisa was very timely in her deliverable and also open to feedback. Lisa provided so many creative concepts it was hard to just choose just one. I found her to be very knowledgeable and communicated her ideas very well. This is the third designer I’ve worked with for my logo and Lisa was the only one that was able to deliver on what I needed. I would highly recommend anyone to use Lisa’s services and will be using her again in the future.

Amber Slaughter

Personal Strategies

Lisa is an amazing person to work with. Not only is she pleasant to interact with, but her work is out of this world. I asked Lisa for some help with some flyers I had designed. My best work. After Lisa’s changes, people started coming to me and saying how professional and impressive my flyers looked. Thank you, Lisa.

Dannelle Shugart

Community Business Partnership – Business Incubation Center