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So, what can I help you with exactly?


Good question. Because it’s impossible to list every single kind of project that could benefit from good design, I prefer to simply say this:

If you have an idea that needs to be visually represented, you are in the right place.

An idea can be anything – a manuscript for a book, a shareable recipe, interesting data that just begs to be represented as an infographic, a vision for your brand identity or a unique way to package your product – as well as a million other things. I love making great ideas into reality, so even if you are very vague on how that can actually happen, let’s talk – I am sure we will find a way.

But if I really have to categorize, these kinds of projects frequently come up (you can see samples of all of them right on the home page):

Ebook design

If you have written a book, or are in the process of writing a book that not only needs to look just right, but also work with the various devices and be accepted into the various ebook stores, this is for you.

Ebooks are a complex topic (and a complex design project), so let’s save the discussion of the various formats, limitations and devices for another time (soon, I promise! or just email me if you can’t wait – I love answering specific ebook questions).

But to sum it up very briefly – I generally design ebooks in 3 different formats: PDF, ePub and Mobi. A print version can also be added on if that is something you are interested in.

PDF is the one that has pretty much no limitations, so we can go as wild as we want with the design, or add on various interactive functions if it makes sense for your ebook. ePub and Mobi are a bit more limited design-wise in order to work with all the devices that support them – however, I make sure that those versions are as close as possible to the PDF, while still following all the provider guidelines (this is super important if you want to sell through iBookstore and Amazon).

We generally start with a few concepts of a few pages in the PDF format, then, once the concept has been defined, I proceed to refine and lay out the rest. The pricing starts at $25/page (I can give you a fairly accurate ballpark figure if you have a draft of the text) for the layout, and the adaptation to ePub and Mobi formats starts at $700. Basic cover design is included.

The layout and cover design can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be (although if all you want is basic text formatting, you probably don’t really need my help) – you can see some examples in my portfolio, right on the home page.

Have a question about ebook design? Did I forget something important? Ready to get started with your ebook? Use the contact form below to get in touch.

Brand identity design

If you are just starting a new business or need to update the look of an existing one, you are probably dreaming up a brand identity that sums you up perfectly. If you need help translating that vision into reality, let’s talk!

Whether you just need a logo and some basic branding guidelines or are looking to redesign your website, packaging, stationery and everything in-between, there is a custom package that will suit your needs.

Packages start from $1200, but of course I will need to learn a little bit more about your needs to figure out which package is right for you. Use the contact form below to tell me a little bit about your business, and we’ll take it from there.

Print design

Whether you need a multi-page, custom-shaped brochure with unique folds and finishes, a simple (but beautiful) business card, or if you would like to talk print books rather than ebooks, I’ve got you covered.

Each project is very different, so please get in touch to talk more details and pricing.

Graphics for web

Infographics, posters, manifestos, shareable quotes… all kinds of data and concepts are so much more effective and appealing when they work well visually.

The pricing for the design of web/social media graphics starts at $150 and includes a minimum of 3 concepts to start with. Sounds right for you? Use the contact form below to get in touch, and we’ll talk more details.

Hey, you didn’t list my project!

Sorry about that! It’s probably because your project isn’t all that easy to classify – my favorite kind! I look forward to hearing all about it. Just fill out the form below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can (that usually means within a day or two).