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There are too many businesses that all look and sound the same. Too many brochures that feature the same lifeless images. Too many websites almost impossible to tell apart. Too many logos inspired by the latest fad. Too many special offer posters that are anything but special.

Too ordinary, too boring, too much noise.


I know you have something interesting to say.

Something that sets you apart.

Something that makes you unique.

A reason for existing that is more than just selling enough.

A vision. A mission. An idea.

Something that can’t be expressed with cookie cutter communication materials.

Because there is more to you than overused phrases, stock images and comparison charts.

Because you know you have something special to offer.

Because you deserve to shine.

I am making it my mission to reduce the amount of ordinary, mediocre communication and marketing materials. To help businesses and entrepreneurs say what they really mean. To help them inspire others and show off their unique qualities. To tell their stories and share their passions.

And — why not? — to make the world a happier place. One beautiful communication piece at a time.


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  1. What’s up, Lisa?

    I enjoyed your perspective in the Customer Love Tweetchat today.

    And I appreciate this Manifesto.

    I look forward to learning more about your philosophy. I’ve seen your work on Catherine Caine’s site, and can’t wait to see what else yo have in store!

    Keep loving your customers…

    • Thank you Bolaji!

      There will be more of my philosophy — and work — right here on the site. When I have the time, of course — because loving my customers always comes first.
      Looking forward to getting to know you better.

      See you in the Tweetchats!

  2. Hello Lisa,
    (Hello Bolaji too)

    Lisa, I felt like I was lost in space, and landed on this cool corner on your beautiful planet : )

    Your communication intrigues me, it’s really really weird but; I strongly feel as if you were a member of my family! It doesn’t happen to me often, but when it happens it happens. Hmmm, you still get me thinking, once again…

    Anyway, I like your place very much. Will be visiting often : ) see you!


    • Thanks Karim! And welcome to my planet! It’s a strange and wonderful place, where anything is possible — just pick a path. ;)

      Feel free to visit as often as you want and stay as long as you like — and if you ever need me, you know where to find me.

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