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I don’t blog often


Regardless of all the advice to the contrary. Regardless of the fact that I do have quite a lot to say. On any given topic.

Even if I am thinking up things to write about, or crafting replies to other articles I have read all the time.


I don’t blog often.

Not because I don’t want to, or don’t care. Quite the opposite.
I care too much.
I think it’s magical, the way words fit together into sentences, and the sentences into paragraphs. The natural rhythm, subtly enhanced by headings and subtitles. It’s beautiful, powerful, and yet oh-so-fragile.
A carelessly chosen word.
A misplaced comma.
An image that isn’t quite the perfect fit.

It can destroy that rhythm in a heartbeat.

To my ear of a conoisseur — and as someone who has been devouring books since the age of 3, I think I can safely call myself one — a written piece with a broken rhytm is not worth sharing.
And so I painstakingly edit and adjust, until the flow is umistakably there again.
Beautiful. Subtle. Magical.

I lose track of time. Minutes turn into hours and hours into entire afternoons.

Sometimes starting from scratch is easier than editing. As long as my pen flows freely on the paper, I know there is a natural flow in the piece.

But writing isn’t my main passion. Though I truly do love to write, design always takes precedence.
And that is why no amount of tips and advice, no editorial calendar, no strict schedule will ever make me into a regular blogger. I don’t plan on trying to fit the writing into my most creative times to make it easier.

My most creative times are already taken. They are reserved for you.

My most creative times is when I take your text and play around with it until it jumps off the page.
It’s when I ignore email and Twitter.

It’s when I forget about the existence of the internet, and focus on the project in hand.

When I reread your notes on it and absorb your words, make them better and more alive through the use of illustrations and photos, colors and emphasis. And then add my touch where needed.
I am a translator of your concepts, first and foremost.
When I have time, I can write about my own. But that will always come second.

And so I don’t blog often.

This is not going to change.

You are a priority. Not blogging.

I just thought you should know.