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Win a free ebook design


I will keep this short and sweet.

You probably have seen my new ebook design special, but if you haven’t, it’s right here.

If you have pages of wonderful content that simply must look its best — like the examples shown — this is your chance to win a free design* for it.

*up to 20 pages, but if you have a few more, we will work something out

How it works:

1. Simply comment on this post and tell me why your ebook deserves to shine.

2. Spread the word! Tweet this post, or post it to Facebook, or shout it from the rooftops if you prefer.

I will pick a winner on March 10th. That’s a week from now.

Your ebook can be ready by March 20th — or sooner, if you send me the draft right away.

That’s it! Easy, isn’t it?

Now tell me all about your ebook!

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  1. I am not sure that I do deserve it. I would like to see what sort of design you might come up with. I might even like it better than my own. I started writing on Jan 2, 2010, and have blogged every day since. Many of the blog posts are about woodworking, but along the way I started to write novels. I am into my 3rd one now, the first one is going through edits and rewriting, the second waits in the wings.

    By the time I get the first one republished to Kindle, I will start work on the second Henry Wood novel. I might like having a cover for that one, though I am sure a cover for any of the three would be nice.

    I look forward to seeing the final results for the winner. Good Luck all.

    Here is my design for the 1st Henry Wood (Takes place in Jan 1955)

    • lisa

      Hi Brian, thanks for playing!
      I was hoping to hear about the awesomeness of your book — that would be the reason for it to deserve a kick-ass design. Want to tell me a little more?

      (I don’t like to brag, but I am 100% certain you would like my design even better than your own.)

      Good luck with your novels! Looking forward to learning a bit more about them. :)

  2. Not sure if I qualify but just in case:

    My ebook deserves to shine because it needs to reach – and help – as many baby businesses as possible so they can grow and thrive.

    • lisa

      Of course you qualify, LaVonne! And since I know yours is more than 20 pages — this would give you a significant discount.
      For the moment, you are in the lead — but you do have a bit of an advantage, since I already know exactly why yours deserves to shine…
      I will have to try and be objective here and pretend I have no idea though. ;)

    • LaVonne, yes your e-book needs to be out there.

  3. Dear Lisa,

    You are opening your hands with such a generous offer. I come from a family of designers and so I know what a powerful difference it makes. I have a great deal of design sense myself, but I lack the technical skill and real artistry I know it takes to make something shine in the thick forest. I would adore to have your help making my short digital book shine and flower in people’s hearts and minds.

    The book’s title is A Call to Listen: How to Begin an Inner Revolution. It takes the reader on a journey into the heart of listening, into the origins of our unspoken inner language, and brings them to their own hearts and the hearts of others. Our world and our selves are so full of potential for transformation. For many of us what is missing is the skill, practice, and understanding of how listening within and listening to others unlocks our potential, our truth, and our love and allows us to live fully on the world stage from the inside out.

    This book very very much wants to make its way into the world (it has been hiding in my computer for quite a few months now), wants to light up people’s lives, wants to listen through its pages to the too often neglected hearts of humanity. This sweet little book would be indebted to you if you gave it wings to soar.

    Let me know if you have further questions. I look forward to connecting.

    Warmly, Jasmine

    • lisa

      Jasmine — wow! that is such a powerful and touching description that I almost want to get my hands on your book right now!

      Thank you for playing; your comment is exactly what I was looking for, something that gets me excited about your book.
      And whether you are the winner or not, I will be in touch.

      • Lisa,

        Your offer has inspired me to return to my digital book and fine tune it. I spent the morning doing this. Here is a paragraph from A Call to Listen—How to Begin an Inner Revolution:

        “This is a journey for the strong-hearted. This is not a path that ends with six steps or after six weeks. There is no end and no beginning to this inner revolution and to a life lived in listening. This way will not protect you from anything. And it will offer you everything. This is the hero’s journey. This is the song of the universe. This is the mundane experience of being human.”

        My book is done. Besides the addition of a few links etc. it is ready to be brought to life.

        I have a question. When you say 20 pages, is that the number of pages in the final book or the number of pages that you begin with? My book is 14 pages long but once the text is spread out and designed I imagine it will be more than 20 pages.

        I liked David’s comment below and his idea to pay it forward. I would offer that except it is my plan to make this book a gift and give it away to the world. But if you do decide to work with me I’ll think of ways to pay it forward (possibly offering some free sessions or some other creative approach).

        Although it looks like there are a lot of great projects here that would shine with your generous help I hope you don’t pick randomly but pick one that really speaks to you. Even if this means you don’t pick mine I’d be happy to know you were listening to your heart.

        Thanks again for this offer. I look forward to getting to know you better.

        Warmly, Jasmine

        • lisa

          I’m so happy to hear that I inspired you to fine tune your book and that it’s ready, Jasmine! The quoted paragraph is beautiful — I know I would love to read more.

          When I said 20 pages, I meant the final book — but it is a rough measure. Basically what it means for me is something I can do within 4-5 days, without neglecting the rest of my projects. (As you can imagine, giving away a free design for 100+ page books would require me to have a lot of free time to make good on that offer…) 14 pages of just text would probably end up being a bit over 20 pages, but I think that is still doable — I’d be able to tell by looking at the draft. (I wouldn’t refuse a book because it ended up 23 pages)

          As far as choosing… it’s not going to be as easy as I thought! There are several books already that I would love to get my hands on. But don’t worry; I’ll do what feels right. :)

          And as I said before, I’ll be in touch either way — I think I can offer some incentives to all participants. :)

  4. Hi Lisa!

    Oh I’m so excited to see your new site up and thriving !!!! YAY!!! and super excited about maybe wining a free splendiferous ebook design . . . so here’s what’s in my heart that wants to be shared in the most exquisite yet playful way possible ( which is why you are the perfect designer for it!)

    It’s a guide to using art journaling to track your own personal seasons of creativity. Called JOYS (Journal Of Your Seasons) it very much yearns to inspire people not to just read and think about, but to actually DO the work to get themselves into synchronization with their own personal creative rhythms. I believe that understanding our own rhythms and how they relate to the rhythms of nature can positively alter the way we live and work. When we are in sync with our natural rhythms, everything flows more easily and we become our most productive, creative selves. The more we respect and synchronize our own lives, the more we allow others to do the same . . . the ripple effect will be awesome!

    I’ve been thinking I would have to wait a year to get this piece of loveliness into the world . . . but maybe, just maybe, this is the opportunity for it to debut sooner :-)

    with love and big hurrahs for all the wasy in whihc you are making the world more beautiful,

    • lisa

      Hi Paula,

      Thanks for playing!
      Your guide sounds very very interesting, and super useful, and I’m extremely curious to read it.
      Wow… I am going to have a very hard time picking a winner, aren’t I?

  5. I need this design because the new turn I’m taking in my business would be so pitiful without a fantastic ebook design! My first product is an idea evaluator kit and it’s all about looking over the sea of your ideas and picking where to land next. It’s for high-volume idea generators who know they have lots of wonderful things they can do but have a hard time picking which one because they all look so shiny!

    Since my peoples are distracted by the shiny, my ebook (the guide book) needs to be shiny to keep their attention long enough to actually get through it. There’s so much genius out there and a lot of it’s locked up inside peoples’ heads. This is the first step in helping Creative Explorers get their stuff done.

    • lisa

      Thanks for playing, Alexia!

      Yours I have been curious about for quite a while! :)
      It is definitely getting harder and harder to pick a winner… May have to resort to the random draw method.

      • Random draw sounds like a wise course of action, so you can sleep!

        • I agree with LaVonne. There’s too much awesomeness to have to select just one other than randomly. Really, I want to get my hands on each of the ebooks already! Names all in the hat and you get the sleep much better :D

  6. Pick me! :)

    So why am I a good candidate for this amazing generosity? Because while I’m a brilliant coach, I need help turning that brilliance into an ebook that oozes value, in turn helping more people (which is what I love more than anything!)


    • Plus? I am all about SHINING!

    • lisa

      Hi Sandi! Thanks for playing — I know you’re all about shining, and you certainly got me curious about your ebook!
      Any hints as to what it will be about, or is it secret? ;)

  7. Well, the timing of this opportunity could not be any better…..

    I am launching an eBook later this month and have developed most of the content….

    Now, everyone here will say they are A-MAZING and they deserve your touch. And guess what, I am sure they are A-MAZING. I usually would follow that sentence with a big ol’ BUT, but I won’t. Everyone willing to put the effort into developing an eBook deserves the opportunity to have it shine. I am just hoping my eBook deserves a little more shine….

    My eBook deserves to shine because….

    -I write helpful content that changes peoples lives.
    -My eBook will detail (ebook & worksheets) how to accomplish any goal through a systematic way that has helped me achieve my goals like moving to Australia for a while, traveling through Europe with just a school backpack, write a few other ebooks, and much much more.
    -As stated in the previous lines, my eBook will be helping OTHER PEOPLE do A-MAZING things in their life.
    -I am going to be donating 40% of all eBook sales the first 24 hours to Nate Walks America which is this guy Nate is is walking across all of America. Big Goal = I think so.
    -I will donate 10% of all sales the first 24 hours to you Lisa, but you must apply that dollar amount to a different reader here for their ebook development. In other words, paying it forward.

    My eBook DOESN’T deserve to shine because…

    -I have written multiple eBooks before and have never committed to paying for design like I should have.
    -There are people who kick a** a lot more than I do.
    -I am not witty enough to give good enough reasons to pick yours truly.
    -Someone else has an eBook that will be changing a million lives which, in that case, please do give it to that person. My goal is only like a couple thousand.

    Well, thats as creative as I can be for right now. I hope I receive this opportunity, but I am fully preparing myself for the heartbreak that comes with losing.

    If it shall not be me, let thee who wins this opportunity spread their word around the world and back.

    I bid adieu…

    David Damron

    • lisa


      Wow. This:
      “I will donate 10% of all sales the first 24 hours to you Lisa, but you must apply that dollar amount to a different reader here for their ebook development. In other words, paying it forward.”
      It’s beautiful. A wonderful idea, a heartfelt way to contribute to others. I love it!

      See, it’s not about being witty; this is not a one-liner contest.
      It’s about telling me how you feel about this ebook — and involving me. And I think you have done that very, very well.

      • Uh-oh – I think David is edging the rest of us out here. Brilliant play, David! And pretty cool too. :)

  8. David’s idea is awesome, and now we are all thinking *damn, why didn’t I think of that?* – kudos to Dave for being a committed, contributing world citizen . . . I officially cede my place in line to him. . . it’s a win-win with pay it forward!

  9. Lisa, what a generous offer! I love your use of color. When I glanced at your first before and after example, I thought, Oh, fruity! Like a bowl of yummy colorful fruit.

    Okay, about me. I already have a book that I designed myself and I know your design will be better. My book is “52 Simple Ways to Get Organized” and it has one way per page. I kept the design minimal because I don’t really know how to jazz it up, but I think it certainly could use that. I want people to feel jazzed up about trying my ideas. I want them to feel encouraged that they can make little changes over time that have impact. I want them to stick with it. That’s why the book has bite sized tips. My theory is that people buy books to help them change something, but after a week or so, they get discouraged and give up. Isn’t that sad?

    My book can really help people, but it needs some pep and levity and fun. If getting organized could feel like playing a game jumping on a trampoline, that would be amazing. I really want to let people know that they *can* get organized, and I think making it fun and colorful with a fantastic design is the key to that. You can help me help people!

  10. I just want to say that whoever wins is one lucky lucky lucky person. Did I say LUCKY? :-) Power on, Lisa!

  11. Lisa, the subject of my ebook wanted to speak for himself… I’m standing by with the censor button, just in case! Without further ado, here he is:

    Dearest, Darling Lisa, E-book Designer of My Heart,

    What can I say to woo you, to get you to look in my direction? I know I am but a humble clown, but I have aspirations of GREATNESS beyond your wildest dreams! I shall reach the highest heights! Blare the loudest trumpets, spark the sparkliest outfits on the flying trapeze girls and…. oh, um. Sorry. I was distracted by the assets of those trapeze girls for a moment. Never mind about that. Anyway, I think pretty highly of myself, and I need a new outfit befitting my self-image. An e-book outfit, with character and much flourish.

    And maybe an electric feather boa.

    Oh, there’s no power outlets in an ebook? Ok then. I shall suffer on bravely.

    As you may or may not know, I’m a wacky creative business plan, and the popularly elected leader of a whole movement of wacky, creative business plans. My mission is clear: To de-fearify the world of business planning, modeling, projectifying and producification. I have already inspired at least 12 glorious new and creative business plans for others… just THINK what I could do if properly packaged and distributed?

    I’d love to tell you all about the e-Book of Emmit, but Tori has labeled it Big Top Secret, and locked me out. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure she’s written it yet. She’s odd that way, you know – without your help, I fear it may never be a reality and most of the world will have to live WITHOUT AN EMMIT! (oh, the horror.)

    So won’t you please consider a design date with the Circus? I’ll take you on a tour of the sideshow in my little clown car, buy you your own popcorn, and do my dang-darnedest not to be creepy. (though a little creepy must be expected. I am a clown, after all)

    What do you say, Lisa? Turn your back on these other wonderful, generous, gifted people, with their pay it forward brilliance and their deserving projects! Join me in my selfish endeavor to shoe-horn the world into one giant only-slightly-creepy-clown car of creative planning.

    If you don’t choose me, it’s ok.
    I’ve always got the trapeze girls.

    Love and creative clown kisses,
    Emmit, the-business-plan-in-circus-lights

    • lisa

      Wow! Emmit himself has stopped by while I was sleeping!!! Hi!!!!
      (Sorry, I’m a bit star-struck here — I’ve had a secret crush on you for a while.)

      A world without an eBook dedicated to the wacky creativeness of Emmit would be a sad place indeed. I’m sure Tori will get it written though — even if she hasn’t yet. But oh, a design date with the Circus sounds wonderful! I think we can make that happen, whether you are the winner or not.

      I will be in touch soon! :)

  12. It seems WordPress has been naughty and ate a comment by Phyllis Nichols, so I will post her email here, before publishing the post with the winner:

    I worked on a video response as my entry to your amazing contest. I think I communicate so much better that way, but it didn’t work so I’m just going to write from my heart.

    Here’s what I know I know. I can help people successfully sell the products and/or services they are passionate about. In so many cases, what I like to call the magic – (making the offer, and getting a YES or lots of YES’s) was inside them all along – they just need help putting it out there in a way that reaches the people who want what they are offering.

    I’ve seen the transformation and it’s so amazing!

    I currently do this one-on-one and sometimes in small groups. The e-book is a way for me to get the magic-unlocking formula into many more hands and in a way that they can grab on and do it for themselves.

    Here’s where your amazing services would make all the difference. I know what I know. I can explain it well – and write about it well.
    What I can’t do is package it well.
    I know that your design would help people unlock their potential because it would bring the words, ideas and their POWER to life.

    Thanks so much for your consideration and generous offer.


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