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An Ode to White Space

White space is more important than you think

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White space is one of the most important ingredients for a powerful design.
But it’s more than that: white space is a prerequisite for your message to be noticed.

Without it, your message would not exist.

White space is what allows the eye to focus.

Glorious, inviting white space that offsets the brightness of your message.

White space that sits there unassumingly, forever in a supporting role.

It doesn’t mind. It exists for one reason and one reason only:

to let your message shine brighter.

Please don’t try to force it into non-existence by piling up graphics and subheads and colors, squeezing in as much content as possible; making use of every available space on a page.

You may not notice, but it will suffer.

And so will your message.

4 Comments on this Post.

  1. Lisa,

    I love this! I have always been drawn to art, photography, and websites that have quite a bit of white space, it allows the other images room to breath.

    Great reminder post.

    • lisa

      Thanks Jackie! I see it ignored way too often, but it’s exactly that white space that makes the actual message stand out. I also think the principles behind it apply to more than just design… but more on that in future posts.

  2. That is so beautiful Lisa, both the image and the words.

    • lisa

      Thank you Ryah! I feel strongly about it, it’s good that it shows through both image and words.

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