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There are infinite ways of saying one thing


Content matters. Of course it does. If your ebook (or blog post, or newsletter, or brochure – this applies to everything, really) is putting me to sleep, if you’ve got nothing new, or valuable, or entertaining, or surprising to tell me, it doesn’t matter if you put the picture of the hottest guy in the universe, or my favorite dish, or one of my beloved pets next to it. Still not gonna finish reading.

So yes, content is king. BUT…

There is an enormous difference between telling and showing.

And often, being able to visually show what you mean can give that added strength to your words. Make them memorable. Make an impact. Bring them alive.

I could just say this:

There are infinite ways of saying one thing.

Or I could show you…

infinite ways

infinite ways2
infinite ways3

infinite ways4

infinite ways5

infinite ways6

Which one is right for you? Which one will they remember?

(Note: this was an exercise done in a couple of hours, with a few quickly brainstormed ideas to present this specific phrase. Can you imagine the possibilities given just an extra day or two? Would you like to see what can be done with YOUR content? Get in touch, and we’ll take it from there!)

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