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Yes, I know it's not the perfect picture of the clock. It's the best one I had on hand, so I am hitting publish. And I can always update tomorrow.

The best you can do… NOW.


We designers are a snobby bunch. (Yes, I am including myself in that statement.)

We pick apart at font and color choices, make fun of amateurish layouts, turn up our noses at someone else photo retouching skills because — let’s face it — we could do SO much better!

…and then, we go without business cards and websites of our own, because getting them JUST RIGHT takes time.

And time is something we never have. Not for this, anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, wanting the best results possible is a good thing. Stalling because we aim for perfection, however, not so much.

Guess what? It’s never going to be perfect.


Yes, really.

Strong statement, isn’t it?

Yet I know this oh-so-well. Tomorrow, you are going to wake up and realize what was missing. Then you are going to spend four hours getting it just right. Then, two hours later, you will see something that will inspire you… or someone who has done something similar… or an even better idea will sneak into your mind, seemingly out of nowhere, and get you buzzing with energy, anxious to implement it before someone else does, burning the midnight oil to get it JUST RIGHT until you just have to rest, and then…….

Tomorrow, you are going to wake up to a big bright lightbulb. This is IT. The perfect, just right idea. Now just to hone it, get it perfect. This can’t be done in one day, of course. And so, tomorrow comes again…

Rinse and repeat.

As much as you need to.

But in the meantime, there is someone else in the neighborhood (be it real or virtual) doing the same thing you do. Quite poorly, you might add. You might even laugh behind their back. “Can you believe someone would actually go public with THAT?!”

But they have business cards. And a website. And – wait for it! – awesome clients!


Unfair. You are SO much better than they are. Why aren’t people beating down YOUR doorstep? Wait — could it be because they don’t know what the hell it is you do?

Think about that one. I’ll wait.


Yeah. I was right there a couple of years ago, too.

It’s all about show, don’t tell. And standing up for what you believe in. Today. With the tools you have now. (When you start using them, you’ll find you have plenty. More than you thought you did.)

It’s not all cozy and comfortable on this side either. There will always be someone who thinks they’re better than you. You might hear the “Can you BELIEVE..?” whispers. My best advice is to ignore them. And to do better when you can.

But, most importantly, to do something NOW!

You can always add to it tomorrow. Unless you get carried away on a more important project, that is.

Yes, I know it's not the perfect picture of the clock. It's the best one I had on hand, so I am hitting publish. And I can always update tomorrow.

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