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Quick rant on working for exposure.


Have you ever gotten that request to do something for free, that comes off almost as if the asker is doing you a favor by asking you?

Yeah. That one. I know I have.

“The exposure will be great once you put your name on my site, I promise!”

“I have x thousand followers and x million subscribers, and I will recommend you to all of them!”

“You will earn SO much more with the other clients that you will surely attract by being featured on my site!”

Mmm-hmm. Yet most of my potential and very very promising clients came to know me through clients who never, ever asked to get the work for free. Never, ever questioned the rates. Never, ever said I was too expensive. Just asked for the best work I could do and were grateful when I delivered it. That’s it. (How can I not love them for it??? How can I not do my very best work for them? How can I not stay up late and wake up early to make sure we get to communicate during that day? They are SO worth it.)

Ring any bells? Have you had questions like that? Have you accepted a deal that turned sour? Let’s discuss!

Leave me a comment below if it ever happened to you, and how you reacted!

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