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  1. Hi Lisa

    I kept my logo simple when I started my blog a few months ago. My business card is similar so when I give it to my contacts they instantly recognise my site when they look for it on the internet.

    On a small business course I went on, they emphasied as you have, the importance of branding. Maybe when I am earning a decent amount from my business, I will get a graphic designer to sharpen it up; but for the moment I like the clean simple look I have. Want people to come across and read my posts. Not have to wade through a lot of stuff to get to it.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Hi Patricia,

      Thanks for stopping by! Your logo, for the moment, is the equivalent of the little black dress (or lavender dress, in your case) — unassuming, but suitable for the occasion — which is fine. Because, as you correctly mention, your posts are more important for your branding. If you are consistent and helpful and unique with your content, that contributes to your brand image. A lot.

      Of course, being a graphic designer, I can’t help but picture the possibilities… And there are many! All things lavender would be a fun concept to play with.

      Promise me one thing, alright? When you are ready to hire a graphic designer, don’t tell him or her to sharpen it up — say that you are open to interesting concepts. Let them play with it, let them be excited about your new image. It will make a huge difference, trust me.

      Of course, you are more than welcome to contact me when you are ready for a makeover. I promise it will be illuminating and exciting — and, above all, fun!
      Until then, keep up the good work!


  2. Hi Lisa,

    Hi Lisa,

    I’m just here to say THANKS for helping me with my logo a few months ago. Marketing my business is an evolution. You really helped with the logo and I do appreciate it. I simply couldn’t see the forest for the trees but you could!

    Merging “ReloMary” with “Moving Links4You” helped me feel like I’d come home. It seems a no-brainer now!

    Anyway, hats off (even strawberry hats) to you!

    aka ReloMary

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