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50% off: right answer, wrong question

(A rant on sales continued from this post.)
50% off is NOT the answer to the question:

“Why should I buy this thing?”

50% off might be the answer to the question:

“Why should I buy this thing among hundreds of other options that seem exactly the same to me?”

Even then, it might not be a good enough reason. If anything, 50% off might make the potential buyer doubt the value of the product. We’re suspicious (by nature, or by conditioning, I am not sure – but that is a whole other discussion), and many feel that when something seems to good to be true, it probably is.

Still, provided that it’s a product where 50% off actually makes a significant difference (A couch at half price warrants some research and a closer look. A ball pen doesn’t.), it might be a convincing enough reason to buy – for some of us, anyway. (There are also those loyal enough to a certain brand or store that wouldn’t even consider shopping elsewhere.)

But do you gain anything beyond that initial sale?

Probably not. And, given that the profit is likely to be very, very low – unless your prices were overinflated to begin with – it might be best to stop and consider the original question:

Why should they buy your product?

What does it promise that no similar product can deliver?

Does it live up to its promise?

Can you prove it? How?

Is there another use for this product that nobody had thought of before?

All of these are much better questions to consider. And, alas, 50% off is not an answer to any of them.