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What’s an ebook, anyway?

A brief summary of various ebook formats, pros and cons, and a glimpse at the process involved in their creation. First post in the “About ebooks” series.

There are infinite ways of saying one thing

Content matters. Of course it does. If your ebook (or blog post, or newsletter, or brochure – this applies to everything, really) is putting me

In case you have been watching this space

I’ve been so busy working on some amazing projects in the past few months, that I haven’t had the time to show them off.

Not to

Quick rant on working for exposure.

Have you ever gotten that request to do something for free, that comes off almost as if the asker is doing you a favor by


Shocking prices! (or the easiest way to be ignored)

Unless I’m already actively looking for exactly the kind of product featured in the “shocking prices” ad, chances are I won’t even notice it. And it’s not just me.


50% off: right answer, wrong question

50% off is NOT the answer to the question: “Why should I buy this thing?”
50% off might be the answer to the question: “Why should I buy this thing among hundreds of other options that seem exactly the same to me?”


A sale is not the answer

“People love sales,” they said. “Just run a 50% off, and the customers will triple, you’ll see!” while you wondered how you could ever make


Why stories are so powerful, and how you can apply this to your branding.

The secret of the power of stories? They are specific, not generic. A story of a war that is won by a wooden horse with a hidden compartment is much, much more powerful than: “We make quality wooden containers of any shape or size.”

Ask a designer | Designing to appeal to two audiences

When it comes to your marketing materials, the main point isn’t the style. The point is your main message and how clearly you express it – through design and copy, images and words. The style shouldn’t draw attention to itself. The style should draw attention to your message.


What desperate buyers want to hear

There is a person who is desperately looking for your product, right now. She might even be looking at your website and reading your copy at this very moment. Will it give her the confirmation she is looking for? Or will she stay confused and uncertain? (and continue browsing, in hope of finding another site that tells her exactly what she wants to hear.)