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  1. Hello Lisa,

    Thank you so much for such a deep and easy to grasp article in response to my question!

    I knew that all I’d have to do is search on Goolge for best of professional fonts in major design websites, but I knew also that you have so much great advice and experience to share, and to be sincere I didn’t expect to receive so much a detailed indicators and resources!

    So thank you again Lisa for your help, I know I’ll have a great use of them :)

    Take care of yourself, see you next time!


    • lisa

      You are welcome Karim! And thank YOU for a great question!

      I’m always glad to share what I know, my process and experience, and I am really happy to know that it helps you.
      If you stumble upon any issues that need clarification, or if you think you might like some feedback, just give me a shout.

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