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Welcome to the place for all your branding and design questions!

Every now and then, in various Skype conferences, Tweet chats and in-person meetings, I come across all kinds of questions about graphic design, brand image, and even the more technical aspects like WordPress settings and various design software. It isn’t always possible to answer them right then and there, so I thought creating a regular post that addresses those questions would be a good solution — as well as an excellent reference for anyone looking for the same answers!

But I need your help since I can’t think of any questions to ask myself!

Ready to play?

Here is how it works:

All questions related to the field of graphic design and branding are welcome, as well as questions on my design process specifically, or even those that require some philosophical reflection.

The longer, more in-depth questions and answers will be published right here on this page.

The short and sweet ones will go towards the making of a FAQ page. (I have always wanted one of those!)

To participate, simply ask me a question via the contact form. Don’t forget to tell me the best way to get in touch so I can let you know as soon as your answer has been posted.

Looking forward to lots and lots of questions to answer!

(And there is no such thing as a stupid question — so ask me anything!)

Here are the answers so far:
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