designing ebooks and other fun things



Welcome to my little corner of the web!


My name is Lisa, and I do all the designing, creating, planning, connecting and collaborating from a picturesque little village in Italy. The kind with rolling hills, grazing sheep, olive trees and trails in the middle of nowhere. In short, it’s the perfect setting for creativity. And the very peacefulness of it is one of the reasons I am always so thrilled to work on the amazing ideas that fly my way from places as far away as Australia and the USA.

I have been a designer as long as I can remember (although it was hard to get the well-deserved credit for attempting to redesign the school classrooms back when I was in elementary school), but it had first become my official title about 15 years ago. I had started out in print design, working in advertising and media agencies until I was ready to take it to the next level a few years ago, which is when this website was first born.

Shortly after, my main niche – ebook design – had found me, and I have not looked back since. Books are one of my biggest passions, technology is another – and helping people give their manuscripts the perfect visual shape and form is a thrill and a privilege. And a challenge, of course, since technology never stays still, which means neither can I – there are always new things to learn and understand and discover. Good thing I love a challenge!

I also love ideas – all kinds of them. To me, that means doing something differently, expressing something in a new way… translating that into visual form – and getting it exactly right – that is truly the best kind of gratification.

When I am not designing or thinking about designing, I am most likely playing with my dogs, counting my chickens, or running the aforementioned trails (although I guess in a lot of cases, I still am thinking about designing even then).